Zindagi mein koi pyar

Zindagi mein koi pyar se pyara nahi milta

Zindagi mein koi pyar se pyara nahi milta

Jo hai paas aapke usko sambhaal kar rakhna

Kyonki ek baar khokar pyar dobara nahi milta

ज़िन्दगी में कोई प्यार से प्यारा नहीं मिलता

ज़िन्दगी में कोई प्यार से प्यारा नहीं मिलता

जो है पास आपके उसको संभाल कर रखना

क्योंकि एक बार खोकर प्यार दोबारा नहीं मिलता

English funny jokes, short english jokes

Boy complains to his father: You told me to put a potato in my swimming trunks! You said it would impress the girls at the pool! But you forgot to mention one thing! Father: Really, what? Boy: That the potato should go in the front.
Father: Really, what? Boy: That the potato should go in the front.

A mother asks her son: “Anton, do you think I’m a bad mom?” – Son: “My name is Paul.”

Dentist: “This will hurt a little.” Patient: “OK.” Dentist: “I’ve been having an affair with your wife for a while now.”

A woman comes home late in the night and goes quietly in the bedroom. To her surprise, she sees male and female feet peeking out from under the blanket. Shocked and raging, she gets her baseball bat and beats and beats until all movement stops. After that she goes into the living room and sees her husband laying on the sofa. He turns to her half asleep: “Oh, you’re home, darling. I’m afraid we have to sleep here tonight, My parents came for a surprise visit.”

I dreamed I was forced to eat a giant marshmallow. When I woke up, my pillow was gone.

What is dangerous? – Sneezing while having diarrhea!

Doctor: You’re obese. Patient: For that I definitely want a second opinion. Doctor: You’re quite ugly, too.

Two donkeys are standing at a roadside, one asks the other: So, shall we cross? – The other shakes his head: “No way, look at what happened to the zebra.

Mom, where do tampons go? Where the babies come from, darling.” “In the stork?

Mrs Cameron, a primary teacher, was teaching her class about the difference between right and wrong. “All right children, let’s take an example,” Mrs Cameron said. “If I were to get into a man’s pocket and take his wallet with all his money, what would I be? “Little Tony raises his hand, and with a confident smile says, “You’d be his wife.”

Why do cows wear bells?
Because their horns don’t work.

What is the longest word in the English language? ‘Smiles’.  Because there is a mile between its first and last letters.

Why did the bald man paint rabbits on his head?  Because from a distance they looked like hares.

What do you do if you are driving your car in central London and you see a space man?  Park in it, of course.

What government agency is responsible for finding lost vicars?  The Bureau of Missing Parsons.

Did you hear about the man who was convicted of stealing luggage from the airport?  He asked for twenty other cases to be taken into account.

A 54 year old woman had a heart attack & was taken 2 the hospital.

While on the operating table she had a near death experience.

Seeing God she asked, “Is my time up ?”

God said, “No, you have another 34 years to live.”

Upon recovery, the woman decided to stay in the hospital
& have a face-lift surgery, liposuction, & tummy tuck. She even changed her hair color

Finally she was released from the hospital.

While crossing the road on her way home, she was killed by a truck.

Arriving in front of God, she asked,

“You said I had another 34 years to live.
Why didn’t you save me from the truck?”

(You’ll love this)

God replied:

“I couldn’t recognize you!”

In a school in Punjab, everyone was singing, “If you’re Happy and you know it, clap your hands” …

Only 3 students clapped their hands….

The rest of them were Sunny, Lucky, Pinky, Bittu, Sonu, Bunny, Guddu, Sweetie, Honey …

Today, I want to relax,
so I have brought three movie tickets.

Husband: why three tickets?

Wife: you and your parents. 

When life is going wrong,
when relations break up, 
when sorrow engulfs you, 
when tears flow down your eyes, 
just give me a call: 
because I sell tissue papers

If eyes speak: Love.
If tears speak: Affection.
If money speaks: Greed. 
If everyone speaks: World. 
If only you speak: Mental 

Four things which brings tears to the eye:
Broken Love.
Separated Friendship.

At this very moment;
1 billion people are sleeping, 
1 million people are eating, 
1000 people are drinking, 
100 people are playing 
and 1 monkey is reading my sms.

Answer my question either YES or NO:
Do your friends know that you are mad? 

Laugh out loud throughout the day.
Dance happily without a care. 
Jump and walk happily on the streets. 
Only then will people start telling: 
Oh what a pity! became mental at such a young age. 

What’s the difference between stupid and idiot? 
Stupid will delete this joke. 
Idiot will forward this joke. 
Ha ha, what will you do now?

When you feel sad and alone,
When everyone seem to be leaving you,
when the world seems to be fading away into the mist,
please let me know: I will take you to the eye specialist for a checkup!

Close your eyes for a minute and think about yourself.
Now open your eyes:
Congratulation! You have wasted a minute of your life thinking about an idiot.

But why didn’t you tell me the good news.
I heard it from one of our friends.
Anyways Congratulation!
A TV channel has been named after you.
Animal Planet!

I saw you yesterday on the road.
Such beautiful eyes,
walking gracefully down the road,
and I started to sing;
Who let the dogs out!

It seems that a new law is coming in 2010: 
All beautiful people have to pay beauty taxes. 
Thankfully you escaped. But I didn’t! 
Ok, don’t get tensed, forward this message to your friends and have fun. 

No calls from you. 
No SMS from you. 
No emails from you. 
I am really afraid whether, 
The Dog Catchers found you again!

Most Lovable Kiss: Mother’s,
Sweetest Kiss: Girlfriend’s,
Cute Kiss: Sister’s,
Hottest Kiss: keep your lips on the bike silencer!

You are so cute my dear friend:
C: Causing.
U: Unnecessary.
T: Trouble.
E: Everywhere.

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Do Minute Ka Maun Un Sab Aashiqon Ke Liye
Jinka Patakha, Is Diwali, Kisi Aur Ne Baja Diya

Bunty Naha Kar Bathroom Se Nikal Raha Tha, To Ek Aunty Aayi,
Aunty : Oh, Kitna Bada Ho Gya Hai.
Bunty : Aapne Kab Dekha?
Aunty : Battmeej

Girl – Aap Bahut Acha Gaate Ho
Boy – Oh Sukriya, Maine Suna Hai Aap Bhi Acha Gaa Lete Ho
Girl – Voh To Main Bas Bathroom Singer Hun
Boy – To Fir Kabhi Bulao, Vahi Par Ikathe Mehfil Lagayenge

Boyfriend : Mujhe Tere Dil Mein Nahi Deemag Mein Jagah Chahiye.
Girfriend : Aisa Kyon?
Boyfriend : Dil Mein To Pehle Hi Bheed Jayda Hai Aur Deemag Tera Khaali Hai, Jitni Khali Jagah Utna Aaram.

Santa – Girlfriend Chhod Gayi Mujhe Kya Karu?
Banta – Chill Maar Bro …
Santa – Aur Dil Ke Zakhmo Ka Kya Karu?
Santa – 2 Dhakkan Dettol Pee Le Bhai…

Ramu Apni Rehdi Par Jalebiyan Bechne Ke Liye Jor- Jor Se Chilla Raha Tha,
Karele Le Lo, Karele! Karele Le Lo, Karele!
Customer – Per Ye To Jalebi Hai…
Raamu – Aaram Se Bol, Bhai Makhiyaan Aa Jayengi.

Pappu Daru Peekar Tala Kholne Lga Hath Kapne Ki Wajah Se Tala Nhi Khula.
Sahil. Mai Tala Khol Du ?
Pappu. Nahi Mai Khol Lunga Tu Ghar Ko Pakad Sala Bahut Hil Rha Hai

Do choohe ped per baithe thhe.. Neeche se ek haathi guzra.. Ek chooha hathi per gir gaya… Tabhi doosra chooha bola ”daba ke rakh saale ko” mein bhi aata hoon.

Ek Bar Ek Punjabi Kuye Mein Gir Gaya,
Tabhi Ek Haryanvi Tau, Waha Se Gujra,
Punjabi Ne Ander Se Aawaj Lagai, Help- Help!
Haryanavi Tau Ne Pucha, “arey Kon Sai Bhai?”
Punjabi – Assi Han…
Hariyanvi – Bhai Ek- Do Ne To Kaadh Bhi Deta,
Assiyan Na Kon Kadhega? Padya Reh Bhitter…

Aaj Kaal Ve Gundey Banke Goli Maaran Ki Kavein Hai, Jo Bachpan Maanh,
Cooker Ki Siti Te Moot Jaya Karde The…

Ladka: I love you baby..










Ladki: BossDK ab kis ka ghar Khali hai..??

Ladki 800 rupye wali Bra laayi or college me sabko t-shirt upar karke dikhane Lagi Sab ne kaha ‘Mast hai.. jordar hai..’ Ghar aayi Almari kholi aur behosh ho gayiKyun..????



.Bra to Almari me hi thi..

Boy- Dadaji, ap kya padh rahe ho?

Dadaji- Beta Itihas

Boy- Ye to S3x ki kitab lagti he

Dadaji- abe BossDK! Mere liye to ab ye Itihas hi hai na ..!!

Ek aadmi marriage bureau me phone karke bolta hai

mere dono haath aur dono pair nahi hai. kya meri shadi ho sakti hai?

lady operater: ha ho sakti hai. lekin aapko wo to hai na?

Man: Haan! us se hi number dial kiya. 

Sunny Leone:- Doctor, aajkal bahut thakan mehsus hoti hai?
Lagta hai khoon kam ho gaya hai.

Doctor:- Periods ke waqt kitna loss hota hai..???

Sunny Leone (sochte hue):- Yehi Koi 40-50 lakh Ka ..

Aaj Pehli Baar Ladki Ki Freind Reqest Aai..
Sala Khushi Khushi Me Not Now Pe Click Ho Gaya..!!!

Ek american ne ek indian bache se poocha ..

Tum kitney saal ke ho?

Bachey ne jawab diya: ghar par 14,
school me 12, BUS me 10, Train me 7 aur..
FACEBOOK par 19 year ka hu ji.

Old Generation: Neki kar, Dariya mein daal
New Generation: Kuch bhi kar, Facebook &amp, Watsapp pe daal.

Do u know..?
Khaana saamne rakh kar bhi na khane wali,
Aur neend aate huye bhi na sone wali
beemari kaun si hai..?
Yehi !!
Jo haath mein pakdi hui hai..!!

Maalkin: Tum 3 din se kaam pe nahi aayi aur bataya bhi nahi?

Nokrani: Madam!!
maine to facebook pe status update kar diya tha ‘Going to gaaon for 3 days’
Sahab jee ne comment bhi kiya tha.. ‘Missing U gulabo’.

Mohabbat shayari, Love shayari, Pyar status in hindi

Nahi pasand mohabbat me milawat mujhko Agar wo mera hai to khawab bhi bas mera hi dekhe

Mohabbat shayari, Love shayari, Pyar status in hindi

Jaan jaunga main khushbu say tumhari tum ko  Tum peechay say meri aankhon ko chupaya karna

Phir se ho rahi thi mujhe mohabbat usse Na khulti aankh to wo mera ho chuka tha

Mohabbat kise or kab ho Jaye andaja nhi hota Ye wo ghar hi jiska darwaja nhi hota

Neend Bhi Mehbooba Ban Gayi Hai Bewafaa Raat Bhar Nai Aati

Hazaron chehron me, mohbbate mili mujhko tumhari Par dil ki zid hai, Agar tum nahi to tum jaisa bhi nahi

Mohabbat hai to qubool karo sare aam Wo jo band kamre ho usko hawas kehte hain

Mohabbat hai to qubool karo sare aam                                                                    Wo jo band kamre ho usko hawas kehte hain

Thoda mein thoda tum aur thodi si mohabbat Bas itna kaafi hai umar bhar jeene ke liye

Tumhare saath khamosh bhi rahu to baat puri ho jate hain
Tum mein, Tum se, Tum par hi meri duniya puri ho jati hai

Khushboo Bankar Teri Saanso Mein Sama Jayenge
Sukun Bankar Tere Dil Mein Utar Jayenge
Mehsus Karne Ki Koshish To Kijiye
Dur Rahte Hue Bhi Pass Najar Aayenge

Mayoos Toh Hun Tere Vaade Se
Kuchh Aas Nahi Kuchh Aas Bhi
Main Apne Khayalon Ke Sadke
Tu Paas Nahi Aur Paas Bhi Hai

Ham Juda Hue The Phir Milane Ke Liye
Zindagi Ki Raahon Mein Sang Chalane Ke Liye
Tere Pyaar Ki Kashish Dil Mein Basi Hai Kuch Is Qadar
Dua Hai Tera Sath Mile Zara Sambhalane Ke Liye

Tera Intezaar Mujhe Har Pal Rehta Hai
Har Lamha Mujhe Tera Ehsaas Rehta Hai
Tujh Bin Dhadkane Rukk Si Jaati Hai
Ki Tu Mere Dil Me Meri Dhadkan Banke Rehta Hai

Mohabbat shayari, Love shayari, Pyar status in hindi

Unka Haal Bhi Kuch Aap Jesa Hi Hoga
Aapka Haale Dil Unhai Bhi Mehsus Hoga
Bekarari Ki Aag Me Jo Jal Rahe Hai Aap
Aap Se Jyada Unhai Is Jalan Ka Ehsaas Hoga

Tadap Ke Dekho Kisi Ki Chahat Me
To Samajh Paoge Ke Intezar Kya Hota Hai
Yuhi Mil Jaye Agar Koi Bina Tadpe
To Kaise Jan Paoge Ke Pyar Kya Hota Hai

Nazare Mile To Pyar Ho Jata Hai
Palke Uthe To Izhaar Ho Jata Hai
Na Jane Kya Kashish Hai Chahat Me
Ki Koyi Anjaan Bhi Hamari Zindagi Ka Haqdaar Ho Jata Hai

Badalna nahi aata humein mausam ki tarah
Har ek rut mein teraintezaar karte hain
Na tum samjh sako jise qayaamat tak
Kasam tumhrei tumhe itna pyaar karte hain

Mohabbat shayari, Love shayari, Pyar status in hindi

Dard ka ehsas janna hai to pyar kar ke dekho
Apni aankho me kisi ko utar kar dekho
Chot unko lagegi aansu tumhe aa jayenge
Ye ehsas janna ho to Dil haar kar dekho

Mohabbat ki gawahi apne
hone ki khabar le jaa
Jidhar wo shaks rehta hai
Mujhe aye dil! udhar le jaa

Jo Pyar Hamesha Sath Rahe Wo Sacha Hai Ji
Jo Musibaton Mein Kaam Aaye Wo Acha Hai Ji
Kabhi Kabhi Humse Bhi Ho Jati Hai Nadaniya
Kyonki Dil To Baccha Hai Ji

Unke hontho pe mera naam jab aya hoga
Khudko ruswayi se phir kaise bachaya hoga
Sunke fasana auro se merii barbadi ka
Kya unko apna sitam na yaad aya hoga

Unke hontho pe mera naam jab aya hoga
Khudko ruswayi se phir kaise bachaya hoga
Sunke fasana auro se merii barbadi ka
Kya unko apna sitam na yaad aya hoga

Barbaad ho gaye hain hum duniya ne yun humko sataya hai
Har ek mod pe hum girte hain kisi ne bhi na humko uthaya hai
Ab tune hi sanam ek umeed ka diya jalaya hai
Apne har ek gam ko chupakar mujhe jeena sikhaya hai

Mohabbat Ke Deepak Jala Kar To Dekho
Zara Dil Ki Duniya Saja Kar To Dekho
Tumhe Ho Na Jaye Sachi Mohabbat To Kehna
Zara Hamse Najre Milakar To Dekho

Apni rooh ko teri rooh mein utaar dena chahatein hain
Mohabbat hum tum se beshumar chahatein hain
Hume sirf tumhe paane ki chahat hi nahi
Hum to tumhe dil mein utar dena chahatein hain

Agar main hadd se guzar jaun to mujhe maaf karna
Tere dil mein utar jaun to mujhe maaf karna
Raat mein tujhe dekh ke tere deedar ki khatir
Pal bhar jo theher jaun to mujhe maaf karna

Mohabbat shayari, Love shayari, Pyar status in hindi

Na Main Tumhe Khona Chahta Hun
Na Teri Yaad Mein Rona Chahta Hun
Jab Tak zindagi Hai Main Hamesha Tumhare Saath Rahunga
Bas Yehi Baat Tumhe Kehna Chahta Hun

Hum taras gaye aapke deedar ko
Phir bhi Dil aap hi ko yaad karta hai
Humse khushnaseeb to aapke ghar ka aaina hai
Jo har roz aapke husn ka deedar karta hai